56-Piece 2-SIDE flip case 1/4DR

Socket&Bit Set


Products inculde
  • -1pc 1/4DR 72T ratcheting driver
  • -7 pcs 1/4inch sockets MM
  • -7 pcs 1/4inch sockets SAE
  • -4 pcs 3/8inch sockets MM&SAE
  • -30pcs 1" bits
  • -1pc 1/4 in x 3/8 in Adapter
  • -1pc 1/4" universal joint
  • -1pc 3/8" universal joint
  • -1pc 3inch bit extention bar
  • -1pc 1/4 x2inch extension bar
  • -1pc 3/8x3inch extension bar
  • -1pc 1/4inch bit holder
  • -1pc Dual Open Box
Product Details
  • Cr-v+carbon stell+ABS+PC

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